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Print management solutions

Konica Minolta Copier, Multifunction, Printer -Best Prices & Service

Your business, like most others, would always be seeking new ways to manage your printing, improve print quality, reduce costs and make staff more productive. Today, the office A3 multifunction Copier printer scanner is not just any other machine in your office but is an integral part of your business. So do you need a versatile A3 multifunction copier printer scanner device to copy, print, scan and fax efficiently, economically and conveniently?

Breakthrough research and innovation across Konica Minolta research labs has combined to produce the new Bizhub range – the most awarded line of A4 and A3 multifunction copiers, printers & scanners with best in class print quality, 6 bit printing (colour prints with superior gradation and skin tones), true 1200×1200 dpi for fine lines and text, superior and fast scanning with advanced dual scanning in single pass, scan to PDF, word, excel and powerpoint – all of these and more combine to give you an extremely reliable and best in class A4 and A3 multifunction Copier printer scanner.

Highlight of our new design is the large colour touch-screen customisable control panel (with flick-drag ability of the latest hand held tablet devices) making usage  quick and easy, including thumbnail preview of documents.  This user interface with its elegant design is universally credited for making our A4 and A3 multifunction printer copier scanner the most attractive, well designed and the easiest to use in the market. (see

Call us to discover the benefits of Konica Minolta A4 and A3 multifunction printer copier scanner devices, how they deliver consistently superior print quality and reliability compared to any other multi function device in the market and how they cut your printing costs. 

We have a model for every need.  Konica Minolta’s range of A4 and A3 multifunction printer copier scanners is the most comprehensive in the industry with a model to suit every need or budget.  Our range has been awarded BLI’s prestigious “Line of the Year” for two years in a row for their reliability, consistent print quality and a host of other innovative features.

In both high-impact colour and cost-effective B&W, you can copy, print, fax and scan documents to multiple locations. You’ll also have powerful fax, finishing and paper capacity options that let you design a right-size solution for your workflow – making the Konica Minolta bizhub A4 and A3 multifunction Copier printer scanner device a central document resource that grows with your business.

Konica Minolta has claimed the BLI 2021-2023 Most Colour Consistant A3 Brand Award from keypoint Intelligence thank to it’s…

  • Exceptional consistency that translates to greater uptime and less waste.
  • Remarkably consistent Delta E measurements (under 3.5) across eight bizhub models.
  • Delta E values that are 22.2% better than the competitive average.


  • Large colour touch-screen control panel with animated assistance.
  • Superb print quality – 6 bit printing, exclusive Konica Minolta technology, superb colour, vivid halftones, detailed fine-line drawings and razor-sharp text.
  • Banner printing
  • Powerful processor – class leading built-in Emperon™ processor for quickest printing
  • Powerful RAM and hard drive – class leading RAM and hard drive for most efficient and quickest printing
  • PCL6 and PS3 emulation, ICC Profile support and a built-in hard drive.
  • Fast scanning to multiple destinations.   fastest in class scan speed, Scan-to-Email, FTP, SMB, HDD/User Box, and network TWAIN flexibility, Scan-to-WebDAV and Scan-to-USB Memory capabilities, Compact PDF
  • New animated operating instructions allow easy and more efficient user-operation. Simple icons, colour thumbnails, customizable shortcut keys, tilt-swivel design to provide Section 508 compliance for all employees.
  • 360° styling looks terrific from any angle. Compact footprint, sleek cabinet colour and all-around access with cables kept out of sight to preserve its clean lines.
  • InfoLine status display. The bizhub A4 and A3 multifunction printer copier scanner devices feature a unique InfoLine display that tracks the flow of information in and out – showing you operating status at a glance, even from across the room.
  • Open API Design. The bizhub A4 and A3 multifunction Copier printer scanner is also designed for seamless interface with third-party software – including Sharepoint, print management, cost control and networking software.
  • Enhanced security protection.
  • Biometric Authentication Option.

Powerful PageScope™ software.   For web-based monitoring and network control, integrated IP addressing and security, enterprise-system integration, personal document management, printing from the Internet and more.

The cost economics of the A4 and A3 multifunction printer copier scanner all-in-one devices is now far superior to that of the stand alone devices. As a result separate devices for copying, scanning, printing or faxing do not make business sense any more.

We help in providing you the best printing solution with Konica Minolta’s suite of products and services, be they the A4 and A3 multifunction Copier printer scanners, stand alone printers, production printers, and software solutions to integrate these devices to the rest of your office IT infrastructure.

Call us today and let us show you a more efficient and cost effective way of copying printing and scanning with Konica Minolta’s award winning A4 and A3 multifunction printer copier scanner devices, serviced directly by Konica Minolta.

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