From Concept to Reality 

3D printers have the incredible potential to turn imagination into reality. Ideas that were once nothing more than a daydream or a flash of inspiration can be brought to life.  
According to the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If that’s true, what’s the value of a 3D printer? With limitless potential for home, school, and work use, a 3D printer is priceless.  

Uses for 3D Printers 

For home use, 3D printers offer high-tech fun. Create unique home décor, one-of-a-kind jewellery, or gifts for loved ones. 
At school, 3D printers bring educational concepts to life, particularly in the STEM fields–students can hold dinosaur bones in their hands or explore robotics! With this early exposure and hands-on learning, these students may one day change our world. 
While 3D printers offer quirkiness and fun at home and a classroom boost, the real transformative power is in the industrial realm. 

Business Potential of Commercial 3D Printing 

Commercial 3D printing has vast potential across a wide variety of industries. If you can envision it, you can use a 3D printer to shape it. Also referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing has applications in the arts, medicine, architecture, engineering, and entrepreneurial endeavours. 
By sending digital files to 3D printers, the possibilities are as boundless as the human imagination. 
An artist can create a new exhibit. A doctor can develop a prosthetic limb. An architect can design a scale model of an innovative structure. An engineer can develop a cost-effective aeroplane part. An entrepreneur can create a product no one has even thought of yet. 

The Benefits of Commercial 3D Printing  With 3D printers in a commercial setting, possibilities become reality with a variety of benefits: 
    • Inspiration acceleration – Commercial 3D printing can condense the timeline for an idea. Instead of months, the process from inspiration to production now takes just a few days. 
    • IP protection – With commercial 3D printing in house, you can protect valuable ideas and products. No third-party involvement means no unauthorized eyes on your intellectual property. Plus, you’ll have confidence that your company will make it to market first, and all competitors will be merely a copy. 
    • Collaborative creation – 3D printers enable increased collaboration between designers, engineers, and production teams, leading to higher-quality products. 
    • Try, try again – With commercial 3D printing, you can try different product iterations. Find flaws and improve. Test the product. Perfect it before taking the next steps. 
    • Better, stronger, faster – The use of 3D printers can improve each stage of your manufacturing process from concept to production. Increase operational efficiency, enhance cost-efficiency, and go to market quicker with a better product. 
    • Personal production – Commercial 3D printing allows for affordable customization, giving your business the power to personalize products to meet customers’ individual needs. 
    • Reinvent the future – 3D printers give you the power to reinvent the future of your company. Make your business more agile, find new ways to serve existing customers, and create innovative products to bring new clients on board. 

Commercial 3D printing offers a wealth of opportunities for your business. Develop new products, protect your designs, and fast-track your ideas. Create entirely new business models and increase your speed to market — all by hitting print.

Options for a Commercial 3D Printer 

Konica Minolta offers a variety of choices to meet your 3D printing needs: 

Composite printing– Highly advanced, with the ability to print cost-effectively using materials including nylon, chopped carbon fibre, reinforced continuous fibre, and metal. Available in desktop series or industrial-grade large format. 

Digital light printing technology – The Figure 4 from 3D Systems is scalable, fully-integrated, and ultrafast. It offers improved throughput and 20% lower parts cost. 

ColorJet printers – The ColorJet series is known for its ability to print stunning, full-colour parts at high speed and low cost.  

MultiJet printers – These 3D printers are ideal for printing precise, durable, high-definition prototypes, moulds, patterns, and end-use parts in-house. 

Direct metal printers Using additive manufacturing and a high-precision laser, these printers attach layers of metal powder without glue or binder liquid. Suitable for prototypes or a production series of up to 20,000 units. 

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) With the ProX SLS 6100 system, produce high-quality, durable nylon parts on-site, on-demand, in less time, and at a lower cost. 

Stereolithography 3D printers – When you require versatility, precision, and accuracy, SLA provides the perfect form and fit. 

Material extrusion printers Y Soft eDEE Solution provides secure and smart print management features with an accounting system to support cost recovery and management. Ideal for creating colourful 3D models in fast-paced, shared spaces.